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Job alerts by e-mail or SMS

Know about job openings in real time and be an early applicant let our experts send the best jobs for you by E-MAIL or SMS. Be an early applicant and never miss out on any relevant job opening

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  1. Job seekers typically struggle to get in touch with Recruiters beyond their personal network.
  2. Many Recruiters never advertise all jobs on job portals. Recruiter Connection can help you gain access to many such Recruiters and jobs.
  3. Search our huge database of Recruiters and connect with them.
  4. On parallel, recruiters have the advantage of searching through a huge database of jobseekers, filter desired results and hire the correct employees for their jobs.
  5. This all, without advertising and bearing unwanted calls or applications, without paying hefty bills of recruitment to recruiters and other mediums.
Salient Point: -
  1. www.lkojobs.com understands the need of professionals who aim to work near their home town better than any other source.
  2. We can be well chosen to provide opportunities in and near small and medium towns even, thus eradicating need to relocate to metros.
  3. We provide job seekers with wide range of choice and all advantages a job portal can provide no matter they search job in metros or non metros.